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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between the retail and the market value of my vehicle?

    Retail value is the likely selling price of the vehicle by a motor dealer to a purchaser. This is the possible value that a motor vehicle 'retails' for if you were to buy it from a dealership. The retail price is the closest value to the replacement value or cost of your insured motor vehicle.

    Market value when referred to in motor insurance is the average between the likely trade and retail values of a vehicle.

    Why do I need to take my vehicle for inspection?

    We need to see if there is any existing damage to the vehicle, confirm if the anti-theft device meets our requirements and obtain the details of any vehicle accessories and sound equipment.

    What happens if I undervalue my contents?

    You then carry part of the risk should there be a loss. For example, if your contents are covered for R100 000 and they should be covered for R200 000, and you lose R20 000 worth of contents in a burglary, we will settle R10 000 and you will be responsible for the remaining portion of the loss. (This is the principle of averaging).

    How do I update my details?

    You can update your details and cover in one of three easy ways:

    1. Chat to your Agent
    2. Call us on 010 590 4653
    3. Email us at
    4. Utilize insurer App

    Update your details as soon as they change to make sure you have the correct cover in place.

    Will my goods be covered for damages while I am moving house (when I have taken the 'theft in transit' option)?

    Yes, if you have selected our additional 'theft in transit' cover, you'll receive cover if the vehicle carrying the goods has been in an accident and the goods are damaged as well.


    How can I avoid being under insured?

    We recommend that you assess the value of your home contents regularly to ensure that you are covered for the correct amount. Bear the following in mind:

    • The replacement values of goods change over time.
    • If your policy is not reviewed and the higher replacement value is not taken into account, cover becomes inadequate.
    • You – or an expert – need to make a realistic estimate of the true replacement value of your insurable assets, equipment etc.
    • Update your household inventory list and list of other assets on a regular basis to ensure that any new items are included and remove items that that you no longer have.

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